Newton's Laws of Motion- Daily Life

by: Maya Jiannino

Law 1- The Law of Inertia

Newton's first law states that an object at rest stays at rest until and unbalanced force acts upon it, the same goes for an object in motion

An example of this law in daily life is a soccer game. The soccer ball will stay at rest until the unbalanced force or player kicks it. The soccer ball will stay in motion until it is stopped by the goalie

Law 2- The Law of Acceleration

Newton's second law states that force equals mass plus acceleration or F=MA.

We see this law very often in daily life without even realizing. An example is a car runs out of gas and you must push it so the acceleration times the mass of the car equals the amount of force you will have to execute to move it.

Law 3- The Law of Reaction

Newton's third law states that every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. A common example of this law in daily life is jumping on a trampoline. You create an action by jumping and the reaction of the trampoline bounces you up. Also gravity pushes you back down an the action repeats.