The Potter News

May 2016 Edition

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Principal's Message

May 2-6 is Teacher Appreciation Week and a time for us to recognize our teachers for the lasting impact they make on their students' lives. We are truly lucky to have the amazing staff that we do at H & M Potter School, and we appreciate the work they do all year long!

As the warmer weather quickly approaches we have been asked by many parents about spring clothing. Warm weather clothing should be appropriate and safe for a busy day at school. Opened toed shoes and shoes without backs, such as sandals, and shoes that are not tightly secured can be unsafe on the playground, walking up and down stairs and walking down crowded hallways. Additionally, our school is air conditioned making some summer shorts and tops not warm enough for the classroom.

As always school attire is up to the discretion of the parent. Safety, order, and discipline is at the discretion of the school. Please help us keep your child safe and warm enough in school this spring.

Student Council - Election Results

What an amazing race this year for student council elections! All the students worked extremely hard and showed great passion towards becoming a member of the executive board. The speeches given were heartfelt and we are very proud of all the candidates. Congratulations to all the winners!

The Lion King Kids - HUGE Success!

The cast and crew of the Lion King did such an amazing job. The play was standing room only both nights! We were able to capture an outstanding video of the performance and will be sharing with the students on Google Drive in the near future. We hope that you all enjoyed watching as much as we did. Thank you again to all of the play directors (Mrs. Beecher, Mrs. Richie, Mrs. Boyles, Mrs. Immerso, Ms. Crick, and Mrs. Lee) and all teacher helpers who made this play a success.

Jump Rope for the Heart

What an amazing job our students are doing so far. Potter school has raised over $3,000 for the American Heart Association in just about 2 weeks. May 12th is our school event where the students will participate in numerous jump rope activities. Our school goal is $5,000! We have a few weeks left and we are hoping to meet our goal and support this fantastic cause!

Junior Unity Tour

Tuesday May 3 will be our Junior Unity Tour at Potter School. 3rd and 4th grade students will be able to ride a closed course around the school property. The students are allowed to bring their bikes to the school on Friday and Monday after school and Tuesday before school for safe keeping until the event. The students do not HAVE to bring their bikes. They are more than welcome to walk our walking trail during the event. We will be hosting vendors from WOBM, Shop Rite, Bellas, and Dairy Queen in the back on the day of the event. Thank you to Berkeley Township Police for all that you do!

Beyond Bandaids

Every Kid Healthy Week is a national movement created to highlight the contributions schools are making toward student health and wellness.

Research shows that students who are physically active, eat breakfast and healthy foods and manage chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes have...

--Increased test scores

--Better grades

--Increased school attendance

--Improved classroom behavior

This week, Potter students were encouraged to make a healthy change like trying a new fruit or vegetable or increasing daily physical activity. Also, students were introduced to MyPlate, a symbol showing how the 5 food groups of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein should be eaten at every meal.

Potter is committed to creating a healthier school environment. Children should get 60 minutes of exercise daily. Jump Rope for the Heart, Healthy Paws, Mr. Waldron's Hoop Club, classroom physical activity breaks like Go Noodle and our walking track are some ways students increase activity during the school day. 2nd grade teachers organize an annual Fitness and Nutrition Day. Some of our classrooms also celebrate special occasions like birthdays with an honorary kickball game!!

Potter also participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch program and is a Team Nutrition School. Participation requires that all school meals meet or exceed strict nutritional requirements. Our school meals offer fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat free and low-fat milk, reduced levels of sodium, saturated and trans fats and meet the nutrition and calorie needs of school children.

We hope that parents and guardians continue efforts to instill lifelong healthy habits. For more information go to and


-- Please pack extra clothing in students bookbag!! Spills and accidents happen!!

--All medication kept in the nurse's office must be picked up by a parent or guardian at the end of the school year. No medicine will be sent home with a student. Any medicine that is not picked up will be discarded!!

Looking forward.. May is Food Allergy Awareness month!!!!

If your child is complaining of allergy symptoms such as sneezing, or itchy, watery eyes, please address it before you send them to school. Many children suffer from seasonal allergies which makes it very difficult for them to function or concentrate while they are at school.

There are many over the counter medications that can relieve the symptoms, and a visit to your pediatrician may be necessary. We do not dispense any medications at school without a doctor’s order, including over the counter medications. If your child is sent to school and is unable to do their work because he/she has red, swollen and itchy eyes, we will call the parent/guardian to pick them up.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Mix-It-Up Day - District Event

June 1st is approaching fast! This amazing event will give the students across the district to interact all at the same time. The students will all be bussed to CBW and partake in numerous carnival like activities. These games are all teacher/student made and are extremely exciting for the students. The day will also be filled with face painting, dancing, and music! We are very excited for this event and look forward to making it amazing!

BTES Orientation

Attention all Fourth Grade Parents!!

On May 19th at 6pm, BTES will be hosting a Parent Orientation for all incoming fifth graders for the 2016-2017 school year. The students will be given the opportunity to visit the school during school hours on May 5th.

Upcoming Events

May 2-6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3 - Junior Unity Tour at Potter

May 4 - Star Wars Spirit Day - May the 4th Be With You!

May 5 - 4th Grade BTES Orientation

May 6 - National Nurse's Day & School Lunch Hero Day!

May 6 - May 13 - Book Fair

May 9 - Book Fair Family Night

May 9 - PTA Meeting

May 11 - PreSchool Mix It Up Day

May 12 - Jump Rope for the Heart Event (Money and Donations Due)

May 13 - 2nd Grade Fitness Day

May 16 - Curriculum Night at BTES

May 18 - Book Club at Berkeley Library

May 19 - Parent Orientation for incoming 5th Grade Students at BTES (6pm)

May 20 - Potter Battle of the Books

May 23 - District Battle of the Books at BTES

May 25 - 4th Grade: NJ ASK Science

May 27 - 4 Hour Session

May 31 - Potter Talent Show

Spring Clubs - UPDATE!

- Healthy Paws is in full force! Students are working hard and having a BLAST! Thank you Mr. Miller, Mrs. Kitson, and Mrs. Spinoso for working with the students.

- Mentor Club has been making a positive impact on the whole school! They are hungry and eager to make a difference! Thank you Mr. Miller for being that positive mentor influence these students need!

- Minecraft Club has been extremely popular. The students are utilizing one of the most popular games in the world and applying it to school using collaboration. Thank you Mrs. Rodriguez and Ms. Merlo for sharing in the students excitement.

- Talent Show has been an amazing addition to our clubs lineup. We have some extremely talented acts and the students are ready to showcase their abilities. Thank you Mrs. Melanson and Mrs. LeBert for organizing such a great event!

Dream Machine Recycle Rally

We are ALMOST there. Last week we hosted a Walker Door Recycle Drive to help boost our standing in the Dream Machine Recycle Rally contest. We have been in and out of first place. Thank you for all of your support and keep those bottles and cans coming!

Panther Student Section

Joke of the Month

Q: What happens to a frog's car when it breaks down?

A: It gets toad away!