My First Concert

Melody Gerving

Are we there yet?I ask my Mom."We will get there when we get there", my Mom said.We pass by huge glass buildings that look like they touch the sun.I felt like we where going to get hit because there was so many cars going one way,it was like black Friday. Until I see the gigantic fat round building.I start freaking out,Mom there it is!

It seemed like we where in the car for five hours because we could not find a parking spot.Once we finally found a spot of course it's a 20 minute walk away from the stadium.We where in the security line for about 45 min.Once we got out of the security line there was hundreds of people in the hallways.I held on to my moms hand because I knew if I lets go i might get lost.

Before we found our seats we went to go find the restroom.Finding the restrooms was like finding a needle in a hay stack.But we did find them.When we got back some guys where preforming so we decided to just stay seated and take pictures.

Finally it's pitch black.The lights dim and i see Taylor Swift.The show was great,there was so many lights!I loved how she would change dresses!It was really cool!She was singing her song then black.Screams of fans and phone lights.My Mom thought she fell or something then,BOOM!Fire works!It was amazing!When she was playing the guitar we decided to go to the gift shop.There was still a lot of people in the halls, but not as much as there was. I got a T-shirt and two rubber bands that said on it "TALYOR SWIFT RED TOUR". We go back to our seats and sit .The final song was great! Lots of fire works and lights. Even thought there was a lot of people I still had an awesome time at my first concert.

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