A Very Nonchalant Spring Break

By: Girante Heath

Easter Day

Easter day was more chilled than usual. I just went to church which is a regular weekly thing. Dressed pretty nice because I'm usual a very casual dresser. My family got together after church and ate and we just enjoyed each other. Then my home boys and family members went into my room and played the game.

Day After ( Monday )

After Easter it was officially the first day of Spring Break. I mostly stayed home and slept over and I had to work just about everyday of the break except 1 or 2 days off. But this day I went over to my brothers house because my newly born nephew was finally home. Had to go see the little guy and he warmed my heart with nothing but joy.
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Half way into Spring Break ( Wednesday )

Wednesday was a very drastic day for me. Met a new girl , had a girl begin to flirt with me while shes with her specific other. And also it was a long night at work. The movie began to act up and we had to call the police because of all the bad little kids running around and not obeying the rules of the theater. But overall it was a very complicated day but also at the same time very laid back.
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Last But Not The Least ( Last day )

The last day ended with me taking care of my beautiful little niece. She came in the morning and was intended to leave around noon or around 3:00 p.m but her mom didn't get back in time. She just wanted to be spoiled the whole time and I love making her happy. She's already the little girl of my life because she's named after me my nickname is Tae and hers is Tai. Overall she just kept me by the whole time when she did leave I was so tired and sleepy.