9/11 Terrorists Attacks

Through The Eyes of The World

Background Information

WHO: 19 Islamic extremists associated with Al-Qaeda

WHAT: Hijacked 4 airliners

WHEN: September 11, 2001

WHY: To carry out suicide attacks on targets such as the twin towers, the white house, and pentagon.

WHERE: in the united states at the twin towers and pentagon.

ABC News

ABC News was live as the attacks happened. They showed live coverage and told as many facts as they could throughout the day. This video on ABC News live during the attacks showed reader response criticism. The video showed live coverage of what happened, told as many facts as it could as the day progressed, and left the viewer to decide their own response to the event. There was not a bias because it was strictly facts about what was going on as it happened.

Fox 59

This video on Fox 59 shows more live coverage from the 9/11 terrorists attacks. This video shows a lot of bias by labeling. It talks about how the people inside are definitely suffering and in a horrible position. This leads the viewer to think that because Muslims did this act, that all Muslims are terrorists. There is also reader response criticism because even though the video is biased, it leaves the viewer to make their own judgment about what has happened.


Many people were very critical about of Muslims after 9/11. They thought that all Muslims were terrorists. This put Muslims in a very bad position after 9/11. As you can see from the pictures below, it is obvious that Muslims were going to be discriminated against, even though they were not all terrorists. After all, it was Muslim terrorists that caused this destruction, and that was all the public saw. This shows cultural criticism.
9/11 Witness Reactions/Interviews

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