Blue Team Weekly Update

Week of 9/21-9/25

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mrs. Camden

This week we took a pause from our minilessons using the Notice & Note framework around the Six Signposts strategies for close reading, and I met with students to go over their Online Thinkbooks. I tried to meet with everyone on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Some classes ran out of time, so I put comments in students thinkbooks that I was unable to meet with. I have asked students to email me with any questions they may have and I will get back to them as soon as I am able.

We had NWEA testing on Thursday and Friday.

Students should be reading each day and looking for the signposts as they read. If you need help finding books, please reach out.

If your child is absent, they can go to my Canvas homepage to find the link to the slides for the day. If they have any questions, please have them email me so I can help them out.

The best way to contact me is by email. I prefer that parents use and that students use

You can email anytime.

Science- Mr. Vorel

We have spent the week looking at “real life” examples of density. Monday we studied the density of liquids by building a density tower. Tuesday we studied the density of woods (hardwoods vs softwoods) and practiced finding volume, Wednesday we studied the density of metals and investigated sample size. Thursday was spent reviewing for our summative quiz that students took on Friday.

Next week we start chemistry concepts.

Please check Tyler SIS to view your students' science grades. For me, a grade of “0” in the gradebook means that the student did not complete the assignment. If that is the case, once the student completes the assignment I will replace that grade with the grade they score on the assignment.

If your student would like individual support with their science work, they are welcome to stay on Zoom after students have been released to work independently. I can typically offer one-on-one support at that time. They may also join my Statesmen Time Zoom help session every M,T,TH, F.

Social Studies- Mr. McGinnis

This week in Social Studies, we finished our trip into the Declaration of Independence. Now we will delve into how we can achieve the ideals set out by Thomas Jefferson.

But before we do, we will send Thomas Jefferson to France and start our study of the Constitution of the United States, lots of vocab and abstract ideas. Difficult stuff.

NEWZBRAIN is a weekly Current Events and Civics quiz that students are engaged in.

Way to go Gabe W. Highest score so far on Newzbrain.

Last week’s TOP 10 List for Blue Team

You do not have to wait till Friday to play though.

AS A BONUS, each student gets 2 parents or siblings that can sign up with them. Cooperate and play as a team or compete for bragging rights.

Use a code on their individual Newzbrain page to sign up.

If you missed the documentary from the Award Winning PBS program, Frontline, you can use the same link to stream the program.

FRONTLINE Trump vs. Biden

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