Blue Team Weekly Update

Week of 3/23-3/27

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mrs. Camden

Hi Everyone! What a crazy time we are living in! I miss all my students and will do my best to check in with everyone to see how things are going. I’m trying to figure out how to lead a virtual circle so we can process together.

Assignments will be posted to Google Classroom starting Friday 3/27. Zoom classes will start April 1st.

If you haven’t completed the Flipgrid assignments from before break, please do those ASAP.

Our first unit is called Writing to Remember. Since we are living through history in the making, we are going to use writing as a way to document our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I still want everyone reading. If you are having trouble finding access to books, check out the library Google Classroom or send Mrs. Tumminello a message. She has compiled a list of free resources.

Scholastic has set up their system so books can ship directly to your house. If you use our class code M9G7W you will get books delivered, and I will still get the scholastic points to add books to my classroom library for next year when the library is closed.

The best way to contact me is by email. I prefer that parents use and that students use

You can email anytime. My office hours are M-F 1-2pm. If you need to set up a Zoom conference, please email me and we can set a time and date together.

Science- Mr. Vorel

First, I hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and know that we all miss seeing you everyday.

Please see my distance learning “welcome back” letter and updated syllabus HERE.

I will be posting each day's assignment(s) on Google Classroom at 8:30 am. Please read all directions for each assignment and pay attention to due dates! By the time you are reading this, all parents/guardians should have been invited to join your students Google Classroom. There is a chance that you were invited to join at the beginning of the school year, so if you did not recently get an ‘invite’ to join, search your inbox from earlier in the school year.

Wednesday, April 1st will be the first day of meeting on ZOOM as a class. Students will join my science ZOOM class following the class schedule times that have been sent out. These meetings will then occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday thereafter. It is not mandatory that students attend these ZOOM meetings, but it is highly encouraged. That being said, the work that is posted to Google Classroom daily is required.

Please make sure students are checking their own Gmail daily as well as reading announcements on Google Classroom.

The best way to contact me is through email. Parents - please email me at Students - please email me at I will hold “office hours” from 2-3 pm everyday. Although it is my goal to be directly accessible at any time during regular school day hours, this time has been purposefully set aside allowing me to quickly answer questions/offer support (in other words, I will not be in meetings at this time).

Please reach out with any questions/comments/concerns!

Social Studies- Mr. McGinnis

I hope you are all well, keeping busy and healthy.

We will start with lessons on Google Classroom on Friday 3/27. On Wed. April 1st, we start the ZOOM. (M, W,& F).

I apologize for everyone that will have to look at me on their computers with the ZOOM app. I scared Mr. Vorel and Mrs. Camden may have thrown up a little.

Make sure all your little brothers, sisters, and pets are not around because I do not want to give them nightmares or make them run away. Mrs. Camden said I am a little scarier on the computer than in real life. Who knows?

I will post work on Google Classroom each day at 8:30.

We are going to ease into this. Just to get the hang of it, we will start with CNN 10 and you will have to answer some questions about each episode. Wednesday, April 1st we will begin to work on our Stock Market project, create a class portfolio, and compete between classes for fabulous prizes.

My office hours will be 8 - 9 am Mon - Fri. Email me with questions and I will get back to you during that time. That is it for now.

Contact Us

Mrs. Camden: 314-918-4576

Mr. McGinnis: 314-918-4578

Mr. Vorel: 314-918-4577