Sixth Grade AIG

Sixth Grade Transition Study Groups (TSG)

Conceptual Lens: Identity

Sixth grade AIG students will be using the conceptual lens of "identity" this year. This means that through all of their learning, they'll need to think critically about what the content means in relation to "identity." We came up with four generalizations about identity, and we encourage you to carry this into your conversations at home!

  • Everyone has an identity.
  • Identities can change.
  • Each person's identity is different and unique.
  • A person's identity is influence by culture and experiences.

AIG sixth graders are wrapping up a wonderful series of classes focused on strengths and gifts. We spent last week in a lively discussion about the concepts of individuality and equality. Students had to decide which was more important, and it was a very interesting debate! On October 20 we'll be orchestrating our first Paideia Seminar based on the text "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Coming Up: Our next unit in TSG will focus on the concept of creativity. We'll be organizing some lunchtime literature groups, so remind your student to stay tuned in for more information!

Transition Study Groups meet on Tuesdays with either Mrs. Landreth or Mrs. Nichols. Students meet during their ELA class.

Sixth Grade ELA Project - Digital Storytelling

Sixth graders are finishing up their unit on "character" for English and Language Arts. All AIG students have the opportunity to work on an extension project in which they will write 100 words or less (a task some are finding quite challenging!) about themselves as well as a 100 words or less essay about a character form their class novel. In their writing, they have to "show what they know" about how characters influence the theme of a story. Tied into that big idea are skills such as making inferences, identifying main ideas, and using text-based evidence to support one's own ideas about what the author is trying to say.

Students will use their writing to create a video on Animoto (a web-based video-making software) using words, pictures, and music. Through this process, they will be able to experience how a writer can convey his/her meaning in a variety of ways, and that, when we write, sometimes what we don't say is as important as what we do say.

All students should have signed up for Mrs. Nichols' google classroom so that they can keep up with the project. Students also have time each week with Mrs. Nichols to work on this project.

If you'd like to know more, email Mrs. Nichols at