Andrew Jackasson

By: Sydney Stoner 7th period

"Spoils System"

Andrew Jackson did anything to be the greatist president. Only this ,great president, image was only seen by his and his friends eyes. While Jackson was in office he did something now know as the "Spoils System". Jackson believed that federal employees were preventing some of his plans, and he started to fire people out of government jobs. He wanted to replace them with employees loyal to his work. Most of these people were not certified to work in office.

Nullification Crisis

Jackson created 2 tariffs known as the tariffs of abomination. This tariff placed taxes on imported goods. The South had little manufacturing and were mostly agriculture, so they still relied on heavily imported goods. The South wanted to nullify these tariffs, and said that if the Federal Government interferes with their nullification act they will secede from the nation. But then Jackson enforces a law called the Force Bill. This makes the South pay there taxes and lets Jackson threaten to lead an army into South Carolina. The Nullification Crisis is resolved by South Carolina signing the 1833 Compromise tariff when Jackson threatened to lead the army.

"Trail of Tears"

Jackson has very harsh to the Indians while he was president. He created a rule called The Indian Removal Act. Jackson moved Indians off of there homeland because there was a possibility of gold and there would be more room for Americans. He moved all the Indians to Oklahoma on a reservation. There were three paths taken to Oklahoma, but all were harsh. Around 600 wagons were filled with Indians. Jackson didn't prepare for that trip. The Indians had no time to gather there belongings, or warm clothe for the trip. Many of the Indians didn't survive the trip.
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Jackson didn't like the National bank at all. Andrew Jackson opposed the Second Bank of the U.S. because he believed the bank concentrated too much power in the hands of a few wealthy men in the Northeast.