Factors of ageing

What is ageing?

Ageing refers to the biological process of growing old
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Factors Influencing Ageing


Elderly people must face the fact that the longer he or she lives, the more friends and family members may pass away before them. The loss of the people they care about can cause them to feel abandoned and vulnerable this may lead to anxiety and depression. It also causes the elderly person to become lonely and isolate themselves from people because they will have a lack of security and social networks. Also, the elderly person may feel suicidal because they can't take the pain of watching their loved ones pass away.


Having a low income can affect an elderly persons ageing as they won't be able to pay for their medications and go through any surgery procedures that are needed to assist the older persons health. Furthermore, having low income or no income at all means that the person won't be able to pay for adequate accommodation or any other basic needs like food and clothing. Living in inappropriate conditions increases the risk of falls and accidents which influences ageing. Moreover, financial problems cause stress to older people affecting all areas in their life. In addition, not being able to afford transport can mean that elderly individuals won't be able to attend appointments if they are too far, which means they can miss out on regular check ups which later on can affect their health, if they are diagnosed with something that could have been diagnosed and treated before hand.

Family and friends-

This can impact ageing of a person because they may feel neglected by their family and friends, and don't want to inconvenience them by being a burden towards them, as the family and friends may have to take care of the ageing individual. Moreover, the elderly person may want to live alone which can result in them becoming lonely and depressed as they will be reflecting on their life before they became old and will have minimum interaction with others.


Health is a main factor that influences ageing as elderly people are more prone to diseases and infections because of their weak immune system. Health problems can limit the elder persons mobility which can result to lack of social contact and depression. When the elderly develop physical health problems such as losing mass and becoming fragile, this makes them less physically able to care for themselves. Having ill health can mean some elderly people can not attend appointments if they feel to weak.