The 2015-2016 Talent Show

For Huntingdon Area High School

Wednesday, March 23rd, 8:30am

2400 Cassady Avenue

Huntingdon, PA

Enter in the auditorium and hopefully it will not get moved to another date for the 4th time this year

The agenda for this day

at 7:45 A.M. you will go to homeroom

then at 8:00 A.M. you will be called down by grade to the auditorium

after that at 8:30 A.M. the talent show will start and it will end around 10:30 maybe

After the talent show you will go to your 3rd or 4th pd depending on when it ends

Then you will eventually leave the school at 2:45 and go home and live your life

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Watch as a group of guys tries to make the place rock to it's core. We're really hoping we do because if me and the guys don't, we will fail. Oh yeah I'm in the band

The Talent Show

The talent show has been a tradition in huntingdon for many years and it usually happens before Christmas but the past 2 years it has not and has been being changed multiple times so it will happen it has to happen and it will be the best one ever like we say every single year
America’s Got Talent - The best of 2015
This is what a talent show looks like on a bigger stage and on tv