Civil War And Rights

~By Sophia A Miller

slave auction

Me and my family ,friends where on your way to the slave auction down town it was windy, half sunny outside when we got to the slave auction I was scared I saw a man try to take his kids and wife from a white man than the white man started to cowhide the man the man was screaming in pain the man said''help me someone help me'' the kids and his wife were crying.They couldn't have done anything. then my brother started crying I told him to stop or they mite see you Mama told us to stay in the back were people can't see u so people don't try to buy us then all that could go through my head was going one's ....... going twice.......sold. I was standing in the back with my brother then my mom and dad was screaming gabbie, gab because they were geting sold to a man in white suit was take my parents gab try grabbing mama but he could i tryed i couldn't do any that was it then i best just got sold i felt like my world was falling apart so quicker then ever.we went on your life's. find more at www.sophia amazing .com P.S not real!
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Qustions with Frederick Douglass

I ment with Frederick Douglass about his life and this is what he had to say

sophia: tell me where you were born?

Frederick: well sophia I was born in Maryland in 1818

s:where's the first place you place you went when you ecaped being a slave?

F: well I think the first place I went was new york.

s:how did you feel when you became a slave?

s: what are some obstacles you faced?

F:well sophia one of the obstacles I faced is getting throw security since I was a slave.

S:how did you feel when you became a slave

F: well I didn't like it also I didn't think it was fair ether

S: why did you pick to escaped as a sailor?

F: The reason I escaped as a sailor is because when I was a slaveI went over seas and I had a sailor suite and a guy I work with let me use this free papers so I could escape as a free sailor.

S: what was the name of the woman how teached you how to read and right?

F:the man how bot me his wife is the one how tat me.

S:how did running away impact your life?

F: well if I didn't I wouldn't have been a free man at all so Im every thankful.

Sojourner truth

This woman named sojourner truth was an outstanding role model for people. sojourner was abolitionist she was against slavery also when she was little girl she was sold about 2-3 times from her family.It's not fun being a slave at all.

sojourner was born in 1797 in New York in 1843 she became a free african american woman and was also one out of 12 children. she was strong woman so master made her stomped on the beetles so the beetles wont eat the crops. she alway worked hard . when she was a teen sojourner master said he would let her free if she works really hard and her master never did.

In 1826 when sojourner was 29 she run away from her plantation when she ran away she left behind her 3 children and husband .she found freedom with other family in New York that didn't believe in slavery. in the main time she had her kids back with her being free sojourner started going to church.she said that she received directions from God to go east.

sojourner became free in 1843 and also she became an abolitionist she went to church also . she stood for woman's right's went man turn her down she all ways all ways had to say smothing back to say men wrong woman can so many things .

some things is sojourner real name is Isabella a person bot her freedom .

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Underground railroad

It was one same day at the slave quarter's as I went to for a long day of work I decided to make a brake for it to the woods I was running and running I said to my self I should try to make it to the border a white man spoted me I made a brake for the wood I climed a tree so no could fined me I went back to the border the men caught me I got out then went to the woods Iran as fast I could they wiped hard then they took me back to my plantation. It was bad bad for me .
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Dear,mama and papa July 14,1863

I'm thankful to be write this to you mama, I survide the war this is that I want to tell you.Well after the war of Chancellorsville Robert .E.Lee marched us across the Potomac River as we got closer the more trembled. Then we began to march towared the Susquehanna River in Pennyslvaiaia I just kept going and prying to the Lord the other man kept there thought to there self's The General thought they would back down but they didn't. Robert.E. Lee barge met George. G. Meade and his barge north west of the town most of it took place in GettyBurg it was the live or die it was the most bloodest battle also it lasted about 3 days. It started as a litttle scermish then it became a full out battle. lee order an attact on tyhe union line's the attcat failed .Then 51,000 died killed hurt captive. Then the confederate's ran out of and water and had to leave then the union me us won.
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