Attendance Appeal: VERY IMPORTANT

Your student must appeal for credit. Find out why.

School attendance is very important and all secondary level students who have 10 or more absences in any class must appeal for credit for the class.

Your student was given an attendance appeal form today. They must fill it out and return it to Mrs. Streu NO LATER THAN 9am on Wednesday, December 9th. This is their chance to say WHY they were absent and to provide additional documentation (doctors notes, for instance) if they haven't already. This form asks for a parent signature! So please be sure to sign it right away!

Teachers are also given an attendance appeal form for every student they have that has 10 or more absences for their class. Teachers provide feedback as to whether or not they believe the student has enough knowledge base in the class to be granted credit.

Ultimately all student/parent input, combined with teacher feedback, will go to an attendance appeal committee that will decide whether or not credit will be granted if the student does pass the class.