World War One

The fact that countries can't get along.

The ArchDuke of the AustrianHungarian Empire Has Been Shot!!

Large Military Forces Around the World

Militarism is where countries have high military power to take over other countries. With Austrians high military forces, they were able to take over Serbia.

Is Friendships Killing This World?

Alliances have been made, Serbia and Russia, France and England, starting the world war, everyone's is in it!

The Difference Between Imperialism and Nationalism

Imperialism is where you are large and powerful enough to be able to conquer more countries. Nationalism is where you are large and strong enough to defend the stinking imperilializers.

" Live for something rather than die for them shtenkin' people." As said by the legendary war general and incredibly awesome leader LittleJohn.

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Sparks Fly As A World War Starts

Archduke Franz Hernades has been killed by a mad Siberian. Imperialism, nationalism, militarism, and alliances are taking their effect. World War One is now started.