Book Report: Elephant Run

by Ricky Titus 2 LL

Book Info

Name of Book: Elephant Run

Author: Roland Smith

Number of Pages: 318

Genre: Historical Fiction

Lexile: 750L


Nick Freestone is the character who changed the most throughout the story. At the beginning, when he flew to Burma, he was a typical kid. By the end, when he was in Australia, he became braver, stronger, and cared a lot for his parents. This happened because of the Japanese and how they treated him. He also abandoned many American traditions and did many Burmese things.

Nick's dad was an important minor character because he was who Nick really wanted to be and he wanted to see him when he came to Burma.


It was an effectual ending because Nick got saved and he learned that everyone, including his dad and step dad, were safe and okay. Later, when he was in Australia, he got to hear the good new that the war ended, and that he got to keep Hannibal's Iron bell as a gift.

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