Heroes or Victems?

The Backround

Gladiators were prisoners or slaves

Women could be gladiators

Gladiators would go to school for it

Most gladiators did not wnt to be gladiators

the surviver of a fight was celebrated

The Emporrer

The emporrer gave a thumbs up if he wanted the gladiator to live (this happened rarely.)

The emporror gave a thumbs down if he wanted the gladiator to die

If the Animals were not attacking the emporrer had the beast keeper killed

The emporrer had the best seats

The emporrer got to choose the fight

Coloseum Rules

You do what the emporrer says

If sombody decides to give you a thumbs up they become your slave

You must be prepared to fight anyone/anything

fight your best if you want to live

During your fight be entertaining

Let the Games Begin

In the games you will most likely fight an animal