Introducing ..Shauntavia Stafford

Wife of 18 years and mother of 3 girls (16,14,and 12)

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A little about me

I have 22 years of work experience. Within this 22 years I have been a Customer Service Manager/District Trainer for 12 years, a teacher for about 8 years and I then moved into the administrative role for education for around 5 years. I had to take a break from education for personal reasons. I am currently working at a non-profit helping others who cannot afford their medication. Being in a non-management role when I have been in one for so long has been very interesting.

I graduated from Ashford University in 2014 with a BA in Early Childhood Education. I am Level Three certified in ECE Administration and ECE Training and Development

Professional Goals with my MATLT Degree

Most Influential Design

Coming up with the Logic Model

I really enjoyed this plan and this class, because this was the first class that got back to who I was. I love solving puzzles. This also was the first class that I didn't have to play pretend or hypotheticals. I actually approached this project with full intentions of presenting it to the president of our department.

Once the class was completed, I had my meeting and the idea was shot down. He was "impressed" that I took the time to think of this solution , but with the company huge move from one location to another in March, now would not be the time to implement a new program. But the class gave me courage to do this and put that whole project together.

The Biggest Challenges

The biggest challenge for me is finding examples to relate to the topic. I no longer teach and I am no longer in management, so switching my brain from real world to pretend world has been rough. The best thing that has helped me is to remember my past experiences and try to relate them to the current situation.
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What does this mean to me

To me many students hear the words that come out of the teacher's mouth. As with traditional classroom set-up. The students come in, they sit, they take notes, they listen, they leave. Once you involve them in a project, add other senses to this lesson. Give them something tangible that they can relate to the project or lesson plan and can even make it relatable to their everyday life, this student has now learned.