David Hildebrand

My great grandfather

A short summary of his life

He was born on October 12,1906 in Utah. He lived with his mother Birdie, His father Robert, and his brother and sister. He lived in many places over hid life like Utah, Arizona, and Montana. He had done a lot of office work and an accounting work. He had a few kids one including my grandfather. He was a great man always looking for the best. He passed away in 1985 when he had a heart attack when he was visiting Salt Lake City.

HIs work

He worked for many different places and mostly did lots of office work and managing. He worked in an office job while going to night school to get his CPA. he went to Cal Berkely but then left because while he was there his Dad had passed away. He ended up getting his CPA and did a lot of accounting.

He went to Cal for a few years and my grandfather and Dad went there.

" He was an excellent Rolemodel" - My grandfather

Interesting fact

His father had supplied miners with supplies and he would ride in the desert in the winter with miners supplies alone across the state.