Business Dining Etiquette tips

By Ailin Toro

Appropriate Behavior

When you are at a business dinner you have to make sure that you behave professionally the entire time.

Before the Meal

Make sure you greet everyone at the table, shake hands with them, and if you have not met them introduce yourself. Try to catch the hosts name. When you get to the table remain standing until the host sits. While sitting make sure your back is straight. Do not keep asking your waiter questions about the menu. Choose something quickly and simple, not something messy.

During the Meal

Keep your elbows off the table. Do not talk with food in your mouth and do not make a mess. If you stop eating to speak put the silverware on your plate and maintain good eye contact. When you are finished eating do not lick your utensils or fingers.

After the Meal

If a host invited you they are expected to pay. Otherwise split the check and tip. If there is a host make sure you thank them. Make sure you say bye to everyone and shake their hands when you leave.
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