Fusion Energy is the Future!

Christian Hosek

The begining of a new life

As of yesterday - May 6, 2016 - the scientists at B.E.S.T Laboratory (Biomass, Ethanol, Solar, Tides) discovered a new way to generate power. Nuclear Fusion is the way to future of power generation. After years of research we have discovered that - right here in our labs - we can simulate the Nuclear Fusion process in the sun, and generate power for ourselves.

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Fission is the process used to power electricity generators. In this process Uranium and Plutonium atoms are split up in order to generate power. Firing neutrons into Uranium nuclei splits the nuclei in half, releasing an enormous amount of power. But this process also sets off a chain reaction in which more uranium is splitting resulting in more energy being created.

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion is what creates the energy within the sun. The process of Nuclear Fusion is the exact opposite of Nuclear Fission, because Nuclear Fusion means joining atoms. Nuclear Fusion creates power when two Hydrogen atoms are joined, creating Helium along with an enormous amount of power.


In our laboratories many precautions have to be taken when dealing with nuclear fusion, because it is much more powerful than nuclear fission and releases a lot more energy. We have to monitor our means of creating power day and night, because letting it get out of hand would be a catastrophe. Luckily we do have a way to keep our power generation on a stable level, as attempting to be as strong as the sun would basically be suicide (with current technology).

Economic Impacts

Before B.E.S.T laboratories no one had discovered a cheap way to use nuclear fusion for power, but B.E.S.T hasn't found a solution either. Research cost us almost 10 million dollars, and producing our power will cost about 1.4 million dollars a year. However because of the amount of power we are producing, the benefit is well worth the cost. Just one B.E.S.T reactor could produce about 50% of the power that the nuclear reactors in America are producing. This means that power will be a very abundant source, and we will be able to replace all other means of creating energy, and the world will run on 100% Nuclear Fusion. As soon as the B.E.S.T reactors are implemented in America the price for electricity will go done a lot, but of course it will not be free. Nuclear Fusion is the right way to go, because it will reduce electricity cost, reduce pollution output, and we will have the potential to produce more energy than we need.