Mrs. Whitt's Newsletter

4th Grade

Academic Highlights

The students have been busy working on reading historical fiction. They are listening and working in whole group instruction with a book called Dear Levi. The students then have an independent reading group book either called Number the Stars, I Survived the Nazi Invasion, Facing West, or Dear Austin. Ask your child about his or her reading group book and what kind of journey the main character is facing. The students are learning to become better at understanding an author's purpose for again and again text, tough questions, and memory moments.

The students have been working feverishly on writing a rough draft of their first literary essay. They have developed a thesis and found evidence to support it. This is our first five paragraph essay they are attempting. All of the students have begun and will finish the essay upon returning from winter break. The students will then be editing, revising, and publishing the piece.

Geography & Spelling Bee Information

Congratulations to our spelling bee representative Marina and our alternate Kayden F!

Congratulations to our geography bee representative Michael P! The alternate is still being determined and will be announced in the next newsletter.

The spelling bee will be held here at school on January 16th. The geography bee will be held here at school on January 9th.

Important Dates

12/17 Fourth Grade Night-out at Freddy's

12/19 Early Release Day

12/22- 1/ 5 No School- Winter Break

1/6 First Day Back

1/9 Geography Bee

1/16 Spelling Bee

1/19 No School- Martin Luther King Day

Classroom Objectives

Unit 3 ELA

Reading Objectives:

· Students will read historical fiction, accumulating a lot of information about the story, while also learning about a specific time period. They will understand that the time period puts certain pressures on the characters, causing them to act certain ways.

- Students will read using primary documents and text to gain understanding and knowledge of historical events.

Writing Objectives:

· Students will begin thinking about their thesis for the literary essay, and start collecting reasons and text evidence for support.

- Students will continue drafting their literary essays, using transitions to link ideas and writing introductions and conclusions.

Topic 8 Math

Math Topic 7 test will be on Thursday, December 4th.

Math Topic 8 will begin on December 8th. The new study guide will be coming home that day as well. Please be practicing the material with your child. It will be due on December 19th.

8-1 Arrays and Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers

8-2 Arrays and Expanded Algorithms

8-3 Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers by Multiples of Ten

8-4 Multiplying 2-Digit by 2-Digit Numbers

8-5 Solving Multiple Step Problems

Also, remember that our textbook website is great for students looking for extra support. The website is


We will be practicing list 16 next week in spelling. The skill is ph and gh.

The words are as follows:











When we return from break we will be practicing list 17. The skill is ed.

The words are as follows:











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