First Time Dinning .

Rasheed Torrence .

What do you do when your immediately seated .

Put your napkin in your lap , and wait for your waitress to serve you .

Define the following: : a la carte and a la mode .

a la carte means a listing or serving food that can be ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal , and a la mode means in fashion , or up to date .

How to get a waiters attention .

You could raise your hand , or you could give the waitress eye contact until they look at you , and hear what you have to say , and if the restaurant has a bell , or something that makes noise to get there attention then you could just use that l

What is gratuity and how you should figure it on bill .

gratuity means a tip thats given to a waiter , and you should know how much to give to the waitress , because I think it tells how much , or a percentage of what you should give on the receipt , and its based off how they treated you while you were getting served .

What you should do when you finish each course.

You should clean up your area , and wait patently for the next course .

5 other helpful hints while dining out.

dress appropriately , have manners , say please , and thank you , sit up straight , don't be loud , or scream .