Denver Brown Hour 6

Endangered Animals

There are animals such as elephants, Indian python, aye aye, and many more. Animals are becoming extinct based an food, abuse, and other animals. Other animals start trying other foods and enjoy it, the less food there is for other animals.

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My Favorites

my favorite animals are dogs, elephants, monkeys, rabbits, koala, and what some people call fake unicorns. I like these animals because koalas, dogs, monkeys, rabbits, and unicorns are fluffy. I like elephants because they are amazing creatures that people should help save from extinction.


Abuse is illegal but people still abuse animals. Animals may bite in defensive ways but that is not a crime. You use self-defense, don't you? I hate how people think it is ok to abuse animals, its not right. When people abuse animals it makes me and many more people upset or sad.

If the picture below looks fine to you, you need to understand abuse is terrible.

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