Maycomb weekly

Can the police protect us?

Tim Johnson

Yesterday Tim Johnson a dog went mad while roaming throughout the streets of Maycomb. Calpurnia was just doing her daily routine when she heard scout and jem burst into the house claiming that they had seen the mad Tim Johnson himself. Immediately Calpurnia informs the law and others close by about Tim. When the cop mr.tate finally arrived with Atticus, Mr Tate couldn't take the shot. mr Tate claimed he was not skilled enough for such a shot. That was when Atticus with one quick motion, within a blink of an eye grabbed the gun from our so called protector and shot the dog with a postal right through the heart from 20 yards away. Clearly our police force needs more training to compete with a normal citizen who hasn't shot a gun in 20 years.

Bank robbing spree

Wensday 2 banks both robbed within the hour. Police officers are still baffled about how they lost the same bank robbers and allowed them to rob not one bank but two both within the hour. Police officers state that there is currently a nation wide manhunt on for these robbers and that they will soon release more information about just how they managed to let this happen

Barn Yard Killings

Just north of Maycomb, the Police are lost on how to track down a culprit. Police say that the culprit of these sick crimes is probably crazy and had some dramatizing experiences in his past, which is led to be believed from the culprit doing gruesome things to the victims. This sick bastard would choose a barn in which he would then choose the fattest of the pigs in the barn where he will then cut open the pig where he will then afterword put the contents of the pig with a bag of pig food and watch with glee as he sees the other pigs eating the pour victim he chose. If anyone spots anything suspicious please report to the law, for they have no leads to go on other then the culprit being mad.

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If you have information contact us and the law immediately