Candy Machine

Nathan Beasley


Company needs a candy machine that dispenses 2 types of candy.


There are no candy machines that allow you to get multiple types of candy for just one price.

Possible Solutions

1. The first one would allow you to pay a price but the 2 types of candy would be mixed.

2. The second one would let you choose if you want your candy to be mixed or separate.

3. The third one just dispenses random candies with no choice of what you get.

Best Solution

I went with the second one because everyone wants to be able to choose what candy they get and not everyone wants their candy to be mixed. I also choose to use skittles and sweet tarts as my 2 candies.

Pugh Chart

Solutions -----1 -----2 -----3

Durability: 10----10----10

24x24x24: 10----10----10

2 Candies: 10----10----10

Choice: 5-----10-----3


If I were to redesign it I would probably change the look and try to add a 3rd type of candy.