The Grandest Hero To His Grandson

Ryan A.


In the late 1920's, the stock market crashed, millions of Americans were unemployed and bankrupt, but my grandfather, survived through it, lived through it, saw the cause and the effect of it; The Great Depression. He was the most intelligent and fictional person I ever knew. Learning about the Great Depression is one thing, but learning about someone who lived through it, is even more heartfelt and caring, then anything in the world to me.

The Knockout of a Lifetime

In 1929, the stock market crashed. This affected everyone in the United States. My grandfathers family was affected deeply. He was going to be the first person in the family to go to college. Since the Great Depression struck the U.S, his family didn't have enough money to pay for college. The only way he could pay for it, was by his boxing scholarship. My grandfather was an extremely good boxer. He was one of the best feather weight boxers in the country. Unfortunately, the college had discovered that he was Jewish. Because of that, the college withdrew his scholarship. At this time, blacks and Jews were treated nearly the exact same. Luckily, my grandfather was a smart man and was able to have a family, and a successful life as well. He wasn't saved by the bell. But he saved himself from the judges.

Hero of the Year

Congratulations Joe Factor! You deserve this award more than anyone else. You grew up during the Great Depression, almost went to WWII, had to battle discrimination, no college, and yet, he never once was regretful about his life. He lived a full one, with three kids and a loving wife. Luckily, he got to meet his grand children, and he was most proud of his grandson. You are a true hero, who should be in books, and a mentor to kids all around the world. Congrats Joe, you did it.

-Joe Factor 1915-2007