By : Varshni K.


A genre that is made up, and not real. Usually written for entertainment.

Science Fiction

Tales about science stories, involving people going into the future, or other things involving science.

Realistic Fiction

A story that could happen in real life, but is fake in the story. Not something that already happened.


Something happens, and the main people have to figure it out. While figuring it out, they get cluse about it that will help them with their problem.


It has to do with people liking each other, and usually ends happy.


A story about something funny or cheerful. And has no, or very little sad parts.


A genre about suspense, horror and can have a lot of surprises. It makes you want to read the book and not put it down.


A story where the author writes about the life of someone else.


It is a story where the author writes a book about the life of him or herself


It is a book where the author wrote about him or herself in a 1st person view (kind of like an autobiography).


A story where the main character travels around, while having unexpected events. It will also have a lot of action.

Historical Fiction

It is a story where the setting or plot is in the past. But the characters are fake.