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Hindu Symbol

The symbol for Hinduism is called Om or Aum

Founder of Hinduism / 5000-10,000 B.C.

There isn't really a founder of Hinduism. It's not founded as a religion. Hinduism is a form of culture that originated from India. Hinduism is a mixture of Vedas, great saints, regional customs and traditions.

Location of Hindu practice

Mainly practiced in India


1) When they greet, they put both hands together and say "Namaste."

2) Before doing any good work, social and religious ceremonies, they worship lord Ganesha.

3)Apply a spot between the eye brows on the forehead during worship.

4)They don't eat meat on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and any festival days.

5)Pierce the ears of babies and put golden earrings on them. Women and young girls pierce their nose.

6)They don't wear footwear inside homes, temples or holy places and don't enter temples after consuming alcohol or meat.

Sacred Text

The Vedas.


-They believe in reincarnation and karma.

Rich or Poor:

-Whoever can read the ancient scriptures have wealth in them.

-If you're poor, then you have the least power in the caste system.


-Their salvation is called Moksha which means escaping the cycle of time, rebirth and entering completeness.


-Very sacred and can last up to 7 lives.

-The two souls do not both have to be human.

-Believe in doing their respective duties.


-Ahimsa: non violence. They believe all life is sacred.