Diary of Anne Frank and Night

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Hiding v.s. Concentration camps

Both Anne Frank and Elie are targeted by the Nazis. Unlike Anne, Elie has already been captured. They both have to keep secrets to survive. Anne's situation is more secretive but less brutal. Elie's is more intense and life threatening.

Anne - The families in the attic must walk around without shoes and cannot use the restroom until the workers on the floor below them leave.

Elie - He must hide the fact he has a golden crown on his tooth. Him and his father also lie about their age and occupations.

Eating during WWII

In both The Diary of Anne Frank and Night they are restricted in the amount of food they can eat. In The Diary of Anne Frank her and her family are only allowed the food Miep can purchase with their ration books. Unfortunately Elie and his father are even more limited by the concentration camp.
Anne - The families living in the attic eat mainly beans. They may also have had small meals.
Elie - In Auschwitz they get a daily meal of black coffee, bread crusts and soup.

Otto Frank v.s. Elie's father

Both Mr. Frank and Elie's father act as a guardian to the main characters. In night they are in a more life treating position. His father is very pessimistic and eventually gives Elie what possessions he has left. Up to act 2 Otto has continued to be optimistic. He is still overcautious but, he allow them to continue their normal routine as if nothing has happened.
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Peter v.s Elizer

Both teens are targeted for their religion. On the daily they face unfortunate circumstances, Peter must silence him self all day and Elie is abused in Auschwitz. They both are quiet and don't often express their feelings.
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