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Modern Essentials book 7th edition and The Essential Life book are great resources for looking up single oils, oil blends, safety, and support for health concerns.

A great resource for pregnancy is a book called Pregnancy, Birth and Babies by Stephanie Fritz. She exclusively walks through DOTERRA essential oils. You can find this book on Amazon or Aromatools.

Official dōTERRA Product Tips Blog An excellent place to learn about product promotions, product features or product success stories.
Official dōTERRA Facebook Page The best place to connect with dōTERRA on Facebook, get product information, and to connect with dōTERRA product fans, friends and more.
Official dōTERRA Tools Site An “all-in-one” site with downloadable Product Information Pages, Imagery, Product Presentations and more.
Official doterraeveryday.com Site A site that hosts trainings, event listings, news and information.
Official dōTERRA YouTube Channel When dōTERRA creates a new “official” video, this is often the first place it is made available.
Official dōTERRA Pinterest Page See how dōTERRA is being shared on Pinterest--get ideas on how to share dōTERRA, products, product uses and more!
Official dōTERRA.com site. Designed for anyone who is curious about dōTERRA and wants a high-level overview of the company.


You can earn FREE product just by being a loyal doTERRA customer. In addition to saving 25% by being a wholesale customer you can earn 10-30% in FREE product by participating in the Loyalty Rewards Program and placing an order every month. Here is a great video that explains more: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ6CkYENmg0

Wondering how to get started? Here is a great video showing you how to get started. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tnpmdTK2bfw

You are going to love getting your favorite oils for FREE. If you need help or have questions, contact us for more information.

Our team is also invested in sharing essential oils with others. Contact us about hosting a class so we can share the power of essential oils with your friends and family. That is the best FREE gift you can give others.


When using essential oils, you will often use a carrier oil to dilute, especially for kiddos. We love fractionated coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Fractionated coconut oil is coconut oil that stays in liquid form. We like to buy it from doTERRA or Earth's Essentials on Amazon. We buy sweet almond oil from Earth's Essentials on Amazon as well. For tips on how to dilute safely, please contact us.

We keep a supply of roller bottles, spray bottles and glass jars. We are able to purchase them in bulk. If you would like more information, find our contact information below. You can also find these on Amazon.

We also love our 5/8 drams. They are a great way to take your oils on the go. You can purchase a cute little keychain from your doTERRA online office to carry your drams with you.

You can find really awesome diffuser necklaces online. These are a great way to experience the essential oils aromatically throughout the day. Many families love to send these to school with their children that need essential oil support during the day.

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Join our facebook group "Natural". We created "Natural" to help support families in living healthier more natural life styles. We share recipes, research and have discussions about all kinds of health topics. https://www.facebook.com/groups/natural3/

You can also join the LUNK's Essential Living page on facebook. Each month we focus on a specific oil or group of oils to learn more about. We also have essential oil Workshops once a month. https://www.facebook.com/groups/lunk.challenge/
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If you have any concerns about essential oils interacting with your current medications consult with your physician before using any of doTERRA's products. You can also contact doTERRA and ask them as well. Feel free to contact doTERRA if you have any other questions or concerns.

doTERRA Customer Service

(800) 411-8151


Product Support


You can also access a chat box online from your doTERRA Online Office. Find it on your shop tab and on the right under your cart http://www.mydoterra.com

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Philip and Katie Hewitt

We are Philip and Katie Hewitt and this is our family. Philip is an IT Technician at Concord Schools. Katie is a stay at home mom. She is currently homeschooling our 4 children, ages 9, 7, 5, and 3. We have been using essential oils since October 2014. Our first experience was using essential oils to help boost our immune systems during the fall/winter months. Katie purchased a few samples from a friend to get us started and to see how they would work. We were pleasantly surprised at how well they worked. That's when we decided to see what else essential oils could do for us.


Again, welcome to our team! If we have not contacted you yet about setting up a membership overview, please get in contact with us this week! We look forward to supporting you.

Wishing You Well,

Philip and Katie Hewitt

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