Drunk with GATSBY!

We be all night.

Who's At The Party?

Only the best of the best are at a GATSBY party. Only the eligant and rich American high society. You can't just be some bum on the side of the road, you have to know someone who know Gatsby or Gatsby himself.

The Mood of The Party

The mood is live and fun at a Gatsby party. You're drunk and not in love, only having fun because you dont have a care in the world . Carefree is the best mood to describe this kind of party.

The Significance of this Great Party

You come in with little worries , you walk out with NO WORRIES. You drink and you drink and you drink some more. You talk to whoever you want. Who cares if you have a husband or wife, you're at a GATSBY Party, you do what you want. So men grab a girl for the night. You're above the law, you have money, you have all your wants and needs, so all youre to do it have fun
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Rumor Has It

1. Gatsby doesn't want to have a problem with anyone and thats why he has these parties.

2. Gatsby killed a man once upon a time