The Beatles Denied ! ? !

The Beatles fail audition for Decca Records!!

Decca Records failed ?

On January 1, 1962 Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Pete Best auditioned for Decca Records and performed a total of fifteen songs, and they only did that in the time span of 1 hour! The songs played at the audition were recorded. The Beatles couldn't believe that Epstein had paid Decca to tape the audition.

History of The Beatles

Many things had happened in the time when The Beatles were a band, so that means that the band has much history behind it, before and after they split up. In 1940, July 7, Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) is born making him the oldest member of The Beatles, then is 1940, October 9, John Lennon is born. 2 years after that on 1942, June 18, Paul McCartney is born. Finally after 3 years on 1943, February 24, George Harrison is born making him the youngest member of The Beatles. In the summer of 1956, Making John Lennon only 16 years old, He pulled at some Quarry Bank Grammar school pals and forms a band called The Quarrymen. In 1958 George Harrison Found out about the band and became apart of it. After a year of them playing small gigs, people leaving the band and newcomers coming in, they had formed a new name called The Beatles consisting of 4 guys named, Paul McCartney “the Cute one”, John Lennon “The Smart one”, George Harrison “The Quiet one”, and Ringo Starr “The Funny one”. They had finally formed a band and they were very proud of it, On 1962, January 1, the new band had to muster up their confidence and went to try to get a record deal with a record company called, Decca Records, The band was unsuccessful with the audition for Decca Records, mostly because Ringo wasn’t at the audition with them and they didn’t play as well as they could have. They still didn’t give up, n 1963 and they went over to Apple records to try to get a record label and they got signed! After getting signed they made a lot more songs and had a lot more tours and gigs, they even had 14 of the songs on The Billboard Hot 100 chart. Then came the last day that they performed and that was in 1969 on the rooftop of Apple Corps in London, after that that is when the band had split up in 1970. Sadly 10 years after the breakup, In 1980 John Lennon is shot and killed by Mark David Chapman outside of his apartment building in New York. And in 2001 George Harrison died of Lung Cancer in Los Angeles.

How they persevered

On January 1, 1962, The Beatles were told they failed their audition and then got denied by by Decca Records. They were very disappointed and never thought that they would succeed, but one day they got up and decided that they wanted to audition for another record company called Apple Records. They wanted to audition and they did, a week later they found out that they got the record label! They absolutely persevered through what they first started. They were very excited and starting touring around the world performing, shows that were sold out. And thousands of records sold. They definitely felt like they accomplished with what they created.

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Why it is believed that The Beatles split up

In 1969 John Lennon reveals he is leaving The Beatles. In a way this made adversity with the other band members so wanted to leave also, but they never had the guts to do it until John had left. Everyone had a reason to leave, Ringo Starr wanted to travel to india and learn about the indian culture, Paul McCartney wanted to start a solo career. As for the others they just didn’t feel like a band with Paul, Ringo, and John, so everyone just went their own ways after the split up.