M-STEP Updates

Updates as of April 20th

Select Text–Paragraph Item Clarification

On the ELA M-STEP, students will encounter an item with a paragraph of information, such as an excerpt from a reading passage. Students will be directed to select one or more sentences from the paragraph. Students should not expect that every sentence is selectable. This has caused confusion at many testing sites. These items have been reviewed and are functioning as intended.

You can see an example of this by clicking the button below and selecting 8th grade ELA #10.

Example Item: Only Some Text is Selectable

Choose 8th grade ELA #10 which follows the format described.

Text-To-Speech (TTS) Settings

Tell the students who have been assigned this accommodation to let you know whether the speed is too fast or slow, or the if the volume needs to be adjusted. There are controls under the Options menu to adjust these properly for each student.
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M-STEP Resumed Testing *NEW Policy

To provide additional flexibility to schools to meet student needs, MDE has decided to not lock tests at the end of the instructional day, allowing students to complete unfinished tests on another day if more time is needed. If for any reason a student cannot complete a portion of the test during the scheduled time, please see the M-STEP Resumed Testing Policy Update located on the M-STEP web page at www.michigan.gov/mstep under Current Assessment Administration.

NOTE: Schools with students that submitted incomplete tests prior to Thursday, 04/16/2015 may complete an Incident Report requesting those tests be unlocked. The individual student UICs and Test Sessions must be provided in the Incident Report.

M-STEP Testing Window

  • 5th Grade: Now - May 1, 2015
  • 4th Grade: April 27 – May 15, 2015
  • 3rd Grade: May 18 - June 5, 2015
Student M-STEP Prep Slideshow

Click link for student M-STEP slideshow with resources for practice and preparation.