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Miss Freije's Second Grade News - September 1st

Polar Bear Mania!

Room 29 has been abuzz with polar bears these past couple of days. With the help of Mrs. Patrick (BSE media specialist) we have used our research skills to gain important information regarding polar bear characteristics and habitat. While exploring the World Wildlife Fund website, students discovered that polar bears are currently listed as vulnerable on the endangered scale. After exploring the website further, several students discovered that we can "adopt" a polar bear. After discussing the idea as a class, we decided that we wanted to do our part to help polar bears. To adopt a polar bear we will need to send $50 to the World Wildlife Fund. In return we will receive a certificate of adoption and a stuffed animal. To reach our goal of $50 we are asking members of our school community to donate a dime. To gather all of the 500 dimes we will need, each student has created a poster to educate our school about the plight of polar bears. These posters will go up next Tuesday (3rd) just in time for our week long dime fundraiser.

Polar Bear Adoption Project

When: September 3rd - 6th

Where: Collection containers will be placed in the school commons

What we Need: Dimes!

Why dimes? - Counting by 10s is an important second grade skill we will need to practice. This project has given our class lots of opportunities to practice important academic skills: reading informational text, graphic organizers, online research, and good advertising. We look forward to other great skills we will learn as the project continues!


You may have heard your child talking about tallies this past week. Tallies are a new addition to our classroom's behavior plan. As we get farther and farther into challenging content, our class is learning important classroom communication skills. One of the most important of these is the ability to listen the first time a direction is given. Since the skill of good listening requires a great deal of practice I have integrated the tally system into our current clipping up and down system. Every student will be given an extra warning after instructions have been given. Each proceeding reminder will give one tally mark to the student. The tally marks a student receives in the course of a day will translate into minutes of walking on the sidewalk at recess. As a class we have discussed that this walking time gives the student the valuable opportunity to reflect on his/her actions. Each time a student clips up s/he will be allowed to erase a tally. We are going to continue to use the tallies next week, but then hopefully will not need them in the future as students mature in their listening.

Thank you to all of the parents who have volunteered to help our class this year! There will be a volunteerspot.com link coming soon with more information.

Questions from Meet the Teacher Night

Q: Can you email more information about what is going on in class, especially what days are particular specials?

A: Yes, updates (like this one) will be coming to your inbox periodically. These messages will have important information about projects and changes taking place in our classroom. For in class and specials information, your child's agenda is the place to look. Students fill out their agenda as a part of morning procedures and then we debrief about our goals at the end of each day. Each week your child's agenda will have the goals for each subject as well as important reminders for when to wear shoes for PE (PE reminders are written above the day we have PE). Please take time each night to ask your child about the day's goals and behavior. We are excited to use agendas for communication as they give students the opportunity to take more responsibility for their own learning.

Q: Will the kids read out loud to teachers or other kids?

A: I would love to make this happen. Right now we are still getting settled into our routines, so I am unsure how everything will work out. There may be an opportunity to be reading buddies with a kindergarten class periodically.

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