Angelina Jolie

A great mother, actress, and humanitarian

Angelina's Life

As a child, Angelina was teased for the way she dressed and how she looked. Angelina dropped out of school when she was only 14. Even though she was having a rough time, she persevered and kept moving forward. In her younger years she was considered "too skinny and too short" but now people see her as a beautiful public figure. Angelina has never been a selfish woman. She loves to give back and is very caring and sincere. Through out her life, Angelina has learned to put others needs before hers and she as also adopted 3 children. This shows the amount of responsibility Ms. Jolie accepts along with being an actress and as a special envoy for the UN. Angelina's charitable ways and responsibility has set an example to many other women, children, and men all around the world. Like Angelina, I see myself as a very responsible teen and when I can I give to others who are less fortunate than I am. In the future, I hope to be able to build homes and help others who can't afford to live on their own. She is also very respectful. When she goes on trips, she doesn't flaunt her wealth and sometimes dresses the same was as the people in the community or country she is visiting.
Out of all the outstanding characteristics Ms. Jolie posses, I think that her kindness is the most valuable. She has been on many mission trips for the UN taking time out of her personal like and her career. I'd like to follow Angelina's footsteps, because she has changed many people's lives and influenced others to do the same. She is a very noble and honored woman all around the world. However, not all leaders have to demonstrate all traits such as respect, responsibility, optimism, kindness, etc. A good leader may only possess one of these traits that makes them different from others. However, a great leader will most likely possess more than one of the traits. To be a good leader, you need to be responsible, respectful, and aware of others needs instead of your own.