Facebook Safety

How to Stay Safe


  • Make sure your password is something easy for you to remember but something that nobody would guess that you would make as your password.
  • Don't tell other people your password either except maybe your parent.
  • The less people know about your password, the harder it is to have your Facebook get hacked.


  • Make sure you have your profile settings all locked down.
  • Have your pictures and posts locked down so not everyone can see them.
  • Make sure the only people that can see what you do and say are the people you are friends with.

What You Say

  • Make sure you only post things that are appropriate.
  • Don't post bad pictures of yourself or others.
  • Don't say anything you wouldn't say to your teachers or grandparents.

Be Nice!

  • Make sure you are nice online!
  • Do not bully anyone.
  • If anyone is being bullied online, stand up for them! It does not matter if you are there friend or not, it is wrong to bully or watch someone get bullied!


  • Do not put your location on your Facebook.
  • Someone could easily stalk you and go where you are going.
  • They could also go where you won't be (rob your house!)

What You Like

  • Make sure you only like things that you ACTUALLY like!
  • If you put things that you don't actually like then companies might go through your profile and think you like something that you don't.
  • Also make sure you like things that are APPROPRIATE.

Be Real!

  • DO NOT make a fake account!
  • Never make an account with a person you made up.
  • Use your name, or your nickname, but never a fake person.


  • Do not friend people you don't know.
  • If someone you know friends you it's okay but if someone you don't know friends you, don't accept!
  • Only stay friends with your ACTUAL friends!