Home Design of the Future

CPT By: Scott Cameron

Sustainable Ecosystems

1. This home is located in a temperate deciduous forest. In this biome there are many different plants and animals (it is very diverse and green). The temperate deciduous forest is beautiful and it is mainly dominated by deciduous trees like maple and oak. You can sit on the porch and look up at the canopy of trees from above. Temperatures do not reach extreme lows and on a peaceful day, you could bump into a deer! On the plus side, I have designed this house in a way that there is no fragmentation in the animal habitats, so they have enough area to survive and be sustainable. Enjoy the nature!

2.There is a very nice vegetable garden that includes corn and carrots located near the house that does not affect animal habitat loss. After wise management by the ecofriendly constructers they were able to make ideal conditions for agriculture while keeping the ecosystems sustainable. All plants and animals on this land are native. No non-native species have been introduced and it will stay this way so the natural environment can strive. There are also no pesticides or ferilizers in this garden. There is a net and gate that catches and releases all the pests while allowing the crops to grow. Because of this solution, there are no crop damages, there is more food production, and non targeted species are safe from pesticides.

3. The mode of transportation found in this house is an hybrid electric car. With this car you are able to travel quite a distance without the worry of harming the planet. Since this car runs on electricity and is a hybrid, there are no fossil fuels going into the atmosphere. Instead, with the help of hydro, you are able to plug it in and charge it up. This is the next generation vehicle.

4. There is a garbage truck, recycling plant, and decomposing unit that comes around every week and gets rid of the waste. It is highly recommended to recycle plastics, papers, etc. as it is better for the environment then adding to the pollution. With the decomposing unit, the city is able to give back nutrients to the environment to keep ecosystems sustainable.

5. The endangered species my family will adopt from the local zoo is the giant panda. My family will adopt this animal because pandas have a crucial role in bamboo forest by spreading seeds and vegetation. Currently, they are being hunted down for their fur and their habitats are being destroyed by the use of railroads,etc. through their forest. By adopting this animal, we will be able to help protect this endangered species.

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

1. Three chemicals found in this home which can be toxic to humans or pets are hydrochloric acid (toilet bowl cleaner), nitrobenzene (furnisher polish), and formaldehyde (air freshener).

2. The chemical formaldehyde is made up of Carbon, 2 Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Please see the photo attached for the Bohr-Rutherford diagram for the element Oxygen.

3. The element Oxygen is located in the 16th group , 2nd period.

4. My chosen element (Oxygen) is a non-metal.

The Characterisitcs of Electricity

1. The type of electrical energy source in this home are both wind energy and solar energy. The pros of wind energy are that the wind turbines are relatively cheap and can be located close to houses. The advantages of solar energy are that photovoltaic solar panels do not produce pollution and are renewable. Overall, these energy sources are very sustainable for future generations because they won't run out and pollute the earth.

2. Some physical structures that make this house more efficient than other houses are that the biggest wall is full of windows and facing the equator. Because on this it maximizes the suns heating in the winter and tries to keep the house cold in the summer. This helps with efficiency because it makes you use the furnace and AC less resulting in less power being used.

3. All of the appliances in this home are energy efficient. There is a brand new high efficiency furnace, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, you name it. The reason for these appliances are because they have a great rating on the EnerGuide and EnerStar program. They will save you a lot of money in the long run and they are good on energy resulting in it being good on the environment.

4. The type of light bulbs included in this home are LED's. The light bulbs are LED's because they are brighter, last longer, & are plain out better. There are many other pros for LED's, for starters, they are more eco friendly. They use less electricity, don't contain mercury, and last longer. Best of all, they don't give off wasted energy, this means that they don't give off heat like traditional light bulbs. LED's are the best way to go!

The Study of the Universe

1. Two different types of technology found in this home that have been developed/researched due to space exploration are a home blood pressuring device and a GPS. The home blood pressuring device was invented because NASA was trying to check body temperatures of astronauts in space. The whole point of this experiment was so astronauts would not overexert themselves. From this, NASA was able to make a spinoff and use it to monitor blood pressure for athletes, etc. The other type of technology that was developed because of research in space was a GPS. A GPS uses satellites in space to calculate longitude and latitude / find out your location. Without the use of satellites we would have to go back to hard copy maps and we would not be able to use maps on our phone, etc.
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