Hernando Cortés

By Zoë Killebrew

Cortés's Early Years

Cortés's was born in 1485 in Medellin a village in Spain.In 1504 when Cortés was nineteen years old he hopped a ship that was headed to the New World. He registered as a new citizen of Hispaniola. 1511 he aided Governor of Hispaniola in an exposition to conquer Cuba. 1518 he was placed in command to colonize the interior of Mexico,it was then canceled, he went anyway. He was accompanied by 11 ships, 500 men and several cannons.
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Who he sailed for, and who funded it

Cortés's sailed for Mexico. Marques del Calls Dr Oaxaca funded his expedition to the Aztec empire.

How Hernando Cortés died

Cortés died December 2, 1547. He died from pleurisy. Elitist causes pain when you are breathing. It usually caused by pneumonia and other diseases of the chest or abdomen.

Why is Cortés so important?

He had heard stories of the wealthy Aztec empire. In October 1519 Cortés made alliances with native people to increase his army. They marched to Tenochititlan the Aztec empire capitol. Montezuma the third(ruler) gave gifts of gold to the Spaniards to satisfy their army. This increased the Spaniards greed. Cortés took Montezuma captive Montezuma was murdered either by Syrians or the Spanish soldiers. Rebellion of the Aztec natives forced Cortés and hide n to flee. When he received reinforcements Cortés took Tenoshtitlan by cutting off supplies a later destroyed the city.
Hernan Cortes Biography

Which explorer would have influenced you to want to immigrate from Europe to the are they explored?

Hernando Cortés would have influenced me because he seemed very determine to get what he wants. Cortés went to school to study law or latin but dropped out because he wanted to follow his dreams to become a explorer. In 1519 he fulfilled that dream and tried to conquer the Aztec Empire he almost succeeded until the native Aztecs made him and his men flee. But what made him so important was when received his reinforcements he went back and finished what he started. That to me shows that he is determine and very important.


http://exploration.marinersmuseum.org/subject/hernando-cortes/--- You will find brif paragraphs about where he came from and how he evolved into a famous person that we resaerch today.

http://www.aztec-history.com/hernan-cortez-biography.html ---You will find a paragraph of what Hernado Cortes did in his later years such as conquering the Aztec empire.

http://www.history.com/topics/exploration/hernan-cortes : On this website you will find things on who he was allied with and what were the things he started out doing for example he at the age of fourteen Hernando was sent to the University of Salamanca, where he most likely studied law and Latin. Within two years, Hernando had grown tired of school and returned home to practice horsemanship, weaponry, and field sports