Sewing Machine

This will make you stitch your way home

How the Sewing Machine Works

There sewing machine worked by the needle fastened to the needle bar, that goes up and down by the motor. When the point passes through the fabric it pulls a small loop of thread from one side tho the other. the tool underneath the fabric grabs the loop and wraps it around either another piece of thread of another loop with the same piece of thread.

Benefits Then and Now

Howe's sewing machine has benefited the people back then because it did not take them as long to sew when they got the sewing machine. They had more time to do thing because it did not take a long time to sew. Now the sewing machine benefits us because if we did not have it we would be sewing by hand. And our clothes wouldn't be as well sewn as they are now in the stores and sometimes cheeped.

The sewing machine has changed to much since the first sewing machine created by Elias Howe. Now some of the sewing machines are more electronic. You can now make more fancy stitches then what you could do at first.

the invention of the sewing machine
The invention was created while Elias Howe was sleeping and dreaming about being captured. He got awarded the first United States patent on September 10,1846.


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