New Jersey v. T.L.O

By: Danielle Stewart


This case was about a girl who was accused of smoking and when denying it to the principal he in turn took her purse and searched it. He then found a pack of cigarets, money, weed, and a list of kids who owed her money. He then called the police and gave them the purse and everything in it. At her trial she pleaded that her fourth amendment had been violated.

Majority Opinion quote

" Although this Court may take notice of the difficulty of maintaining discipline in the public schools today, the situation is not so dire that students in the schools may claim no legitimate expectations of privacy."- Justice White

Minority Opinion quote

"Today's decision sanctions school officials to conduct full scale searches on a "reasonableness" standard whose only definate content is that it is not the same test as the "probable cause" standard found in the text of the fourth amendment." - Justice Brennan

Court Decision

The court fell in favor of T.L.O

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