UNC Chapel Hill

by: Garrett Dixon

History of the school

Chartered in 1789 and opened its doors for students in 1795 as the nation’s first public university.

Founded by William Richardson Davie

William Richardson Davie was a military officer and the tenth Governor of North Carolina from 1798 to 1799 ("Welcome").

Description of UNC

  • UNC-Chapel Hill, ranks among the world’s leading research universities
  • 1st public school
  • no religious affiliation
  • co-ed
  • located in chapel hill nc
  • Campus size is 729 acres,about 30,000 students, 3696 faculty and 8287 staff.
  • 78 bachelor’s, 112 master’s, 68 doctorate and seven professional degree programs through 14 schools and the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • payment issued at the 16th of each month


N.C residents tuition and fees: 8,374$

total: 24,120

out of state residents tuition and fees:33,624


("Cost of Attendance.")


Application Deadlines 2015


Application Deadline

Spring 2015

December 1

Summer I 2015

April 20

Summer II 2015

June 1

Fall 2015

July 20

How to apply

"Once you've created your Guest ID, go to the online application and click “Apply Online.” Please refer to the Application Instructions below for additional details. To edit an in-progress application, go to the online application and click “Edit” next to the in-progress application("Office of Undergraduate Admissions Sets New Record for Visitors").


  • 300 study abroad programs and 70 countries, The minimum course load for undergraduates for a single semester is 12 academic credit hours (one hour physical education activities do not count towards academic
  • The maximum course load for undergraduates for a semester is 17 credit hours. If you wish to enroll for more than the credit hour limit you must obtain permission from the SILS Dean to carry a credit hour "overload". For up to 20 credits ("Academic Probation." )

Academic probation

If you are on probation during the fall or spring semesters, you must complete the probation intervention. If your eligibility status at the end of the spring semester is “eligible – on academic probation” you do not need to complete the intervention steps over the summer, however, you are strongly encouraged to attend Summer Session at UNC Chapel Hill ("Academic Probation." )

financial aid and scholarships

  • grants , work , scholarships, loans
  • apply before march 1st
  • requirements are have low income and not be able to support yourself while keeping good grades.
  • scholarships: sports, good grades, low income ("Undergraduate Handbook.")

career services

  • They don't have a specific placement rate. but they do help you find jobs at unc and areas around

Social activities

Basketball is ranked 21. Intramural you can put a team together and register for any sports, you will get a schedule and you will play the opponent you get. Tons of group and personal fitness classes and gym classes. You can volunteer at the hospital at UNC and anywhere on campus for points. there are 56 fraternities and sororities("Ram Village")

On campus living

  • you can pick distance from the pit, apartment or house, 0-10 miles away, 200$-3000$, 1-9 rooms
  • Not aloud to paint rooms, you are aloud to bring in your own items as long as it isn't ridiculous, at least one community kitchen in every dorm, you can request a roommate, search a roommate, or move in somewhere with a place that is one person empty. there are 10 atm's in 9 miles around the campus. There is a wells fargo bank that you use your one card ("Ram Village")

Article 1

“More than 72,000 prospective students and family members registered to visit campus in 2014” there are more people scheduling than ever, people scheduling for visits so the office is having to limit some. they want as many people as possible but they need to ensure they can accommodate them all at separate times.


Article 2

UNC-Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy Receives $100 Million Commitment – the Largest from an Individual in the University’s History – from Alumnus Fred Eshelman. this is the most money that UNChas ever gotten from an individual. the pharmacy school will use it for supplies and research.