Deaf-blindness Cause

Mariah, Andrew, Kelsey, Haley

There are many different causes from being born deaf blind or developing it later in life

The causes before at birth include:

- Premature Birth

- Rubella

- Cerebral Palsy

The causes later in life include:

- Age-Related hearing loss

- Usher Syndrome

- Damage to the brain (head injury, stroke, etc.)

About Rubella

Rubella, or German measles, is a disease caused by an easyly spread viruses. some of the symtoms include a distinctive rash that starts from the head and works its way down, a low fever,some may also experience swollen glands and symptoms similar to a cold before the rash shows up.
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Cerebral Palsy

CP is damage to the brain, which causes physical disabilities, and visual impairments to start. Symptoms include seizures, skin disorders, learning disabilities, impairment of hearing, and problems with bladder. It is mostly classified as a disorder of movement.