Jake Holman

STEM Seminar

About Me...

I'm 18 years old, and I was born in Great Falls, Montana, but before I moved to Orlando, I lived in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. My major is Aerospace Engineering, since I have both a love for space and rockets, paired with the passion for building things and solving problems. I joined the EXCEL Program because I believe that my chances of succeeding will be higher, due to all of the extra resources and smaller class sizes, my opportunities will be greater, and it's honestly just a great program that I'm extremely grateful that I'm a part of it. A unique fact about me is that for the past three years (and for the next three years) I have been travelling the country over the summer competing in Drum Corps International, which is essentially marching band's major league.
Me playing in front of thousands of people, directly in front of fireworks on this past 4th of July