Explore the Rainforest!

By your tour guide: Nina Huynh

Note to the people participating.

Hello! As you know this week we are going to be touring through this exotic tropical rainforest in South America. The tropical rainforest is a hot, moist biome because it is near the equator so be prepared for the heat! This Brochure is going to explain what you will see in the rainforest and everyone of you are getting one, so you can always get it out when you need it.

-Nina Huynh (The Tour Guide)


The rainforest like I mentioned before would be humid and hot so this means insects and bug bites are going to be expected. There is also a reason why the rainforest has the word rain in it. The average rainfall is 50- 260 inches a year so the trip will be wet. The trees in the rainforest are gigantic so it will be hard to see the sky, since the branches will be blocking most of the sunlight and sky sight. Even though most of the view above is blocked the view around is stunning.


In the rainforest there are many organisms, there is a large variety of plants and animals. The rainforest is home to many plants, plants that made fruit, plants that eat insects and bugs, plants that grow to tower over everything else and etc. All of these different types of species of plants has a individual job in their ecosystem, but at the end when they'll die. They will decompose and return the nutrients they took from the soil back. So that new plants can grow. plants help the organism that live there. They provide shelter, food, hiding places, and etc.

Also DON'T eat any plants that you don't know. It could be poisonous and eating it without the knowledge of it will be risky and not worth it.


There are many insects in the rainforest, it's possible that we haven't even found all of the insects! Insects needs flowers, plants, and other animals to survive, for either shelter or food. For example Mosquitoes drinks other living thing's blood to survive, and we are definitely going to be it's next meal, unless someone brought bug repellent...

A spider could be another example, spiders eat other insects to survive it is uses the trees for making it's home.

Watch out for some of the bugs though, some of them will bite when provoked and might be poisonous, so make sure you know where you are stepping.


Watch out for some of these predators. Tigers, Alligators, Leopards, Jaguars, and big Snakes. While they do prey on little mammals in their environment they could still hunt us. This very important information that everyone should keep in mind, always have a eye on the tour guide and if you do that then you're perfectly safe from them. Don't mess with them and they won't mess with you. Even though they are dangerous they are also beautiful, graceful and powerful. If you do see one and they are peaceful, remember that moment because wild animals (even though dangerous) could be amazing to look at.

Extra Info. on the Organisms

All of these animals are connected in something called a food web. When one organism isn't working then the food web is disrupted, which isn't a good thing for the ecosystem which will go out of balance. Animals here compete for survival, and only the strongest, fitness, quickness and smartness will live but animals aren't only dying from that. Animals are also dying because of habitat loss and hunting. These animals should fell safe in their own habitat from humans. With help from you this touring company would be able to donate money to these rainforest protectors so the environment won't be cut down and there would less hunting.