Manuel Noriega

The Totalitarian Leader of Panama


Manuel Noriega was a military governor in Panama from the years 1983 to 1989. He was removed from power by the United states in 1989 and was taken as a prisoner of war, They US tried him on 8 different crimes. The crimes included drug trafficking, Racketeering, Murder, and money laundering.


Manuel Noriega is well known for creating the first narcokleptocracy

Narcokleptocracy - A Society ruled by thieves involved in the drug trade

Noriega was able to work with the CIA on their payroll until 1967, this gave him substantial power and he could easily get away with breaking laws. He created a society that was lead and governed by the drug trades. The government worked to make the leader(s) more rich and powerful as opposed to helping the citizens. This gave him a lot of power because he controlled the country and the legal trade as long as the illegal trade.

The Rise and Fall of Manuel Noriega

The Diary of Manuel

Dear Diary,

Today has been a rough day, The US are still attacking and everything is falling apart. They don't understand the type of power that the drug business has given me. It give me backbone I need to keep this country afloat. Panama runs off the illegal drug trade and stealing, if it weren't for that we'd be no where. However the US are after me, I'm considered a criminal and even after all the work I did for the CIA they still want to arrest me. I have to force my armed forces to fight back against the USA just so I can keep my position of power and stay out of jail. This is going to be tough



Essential Question

How was Manuel Noriega Able to hold power and how did this power affect the country