The Mentee Minute

March 18, 2015, Volume Fourteen

Welcome to The Mentee Minute!

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A thank you to the GaVS Mentoring Team

Good day, Just in Time cohort,

As we move toward the middle of the spring semester, I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the continued efforts of the fabulous GaVS Mentoring Team!

The support and dedication of the group has been constant each week, and I am so pleased to see that the newest additions to the GaVS faculty have an opportunity to embrace and experience the culture of this program.

Massive thank you to the team and a congrats on the Just in Time cohort for being such wonderful mentees.

A brilliant semester! Let's all enjoy the final weeks.

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Spring 2015 Professional Learning Symposium

Professional Learning Symposium

Saturday, April 25th, 8am-5pm

The Professional Learning Symposium is an invaluable and integral component of the Georgia Virtual School program and accounts for professional development. Because the nature of our work does not require us to meet in a traditional school setting, it is very enriching to meet face to face each year as a faculty and staff.

GaVS utilizes the PLS to relay important initiatives, offer community building across departments, and highlight policies and collaboration amongst faculty. Active instructors are required to attend this event and PLUs can be obtained by participating. The PLS dates are set and communicated well in advance of the event.

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Did you know?

The GaVS Mentoring Team will spend the next two weeks reviewing the ePortfolios of their assigned mentees.

Please note, the practice serves as feedback and a progress report on the components required at the conclusion of the academic semester.

Embrace the collaboration and share best practices and ideas! ePortfolio is a truly creative, reflective process!

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GaVS Mentoring Team Tips and Tricks!

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Looking ahead to May - ePortfolio Week returns with the GaVS Mentoring Team!

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The 5 Keys to Successful Comprehensive Assessment in Action

Five Keys to Comprehensive Assessment

Offering Remediation to Students PD

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Brightspace 10.3

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Brightspace Professional Development! What is new with 10.3!

Join Corinne, Tuesday, March 31st, at 7:30 p.m.!

While some changes maybe small and not noticeable, there will be some others that you will want to know about!

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Tip of the Issue!

Tip of the Issue from Joyce Bearden, GaVS Mentor and the Communication Log

March QAS follow-up

This month the QAS will be observing your courses again and looking closely at your communication within TheSIS. Please be sure that you are updating your communication log - I try to add to my log once a week or minimally after every grading deadline. Here are some tips that will assist your QAS and DC in finding your communication.

Documenting Failure Calls

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The subject line should be very clear. Be sure to include:

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  • A title that clearly expresses the purpose of the email.
  • The date the communication took place
  • If you are entering information for an individual student, include the last name of the student in the subject line as well.
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