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Ibiza- the White Island

Ibiza, the White Island, named for its numerous white houses, lies in the Mediterranean Sea as a part of the Balearic Islands. It is 79 km farther off the coast of Valencia. If you are considering villa rental in Ibiza, it is probably because you have heard of its status as a party lover’s paradise. Did you know it was a popular destination for hippies and artists in the 70s?

Today, Ibiza, Spanish metropolis of partying, is an ideal choice for all party animals out there. Ibiza has the supreme nightlife, but do not think that the party stops during the day. Las Salinas, Talamanca, Figueretas and Playa den Bossa are the royalties of daily fun.

Those inveterate party people are drawn to Ibiza and its promises of a wild pastime. This rather small island is known worldwide for its club scene, Calle de la Virgen with numerous bars and large disco clubs.

The capital city, Ibiza is settled on the edge of the bay and the old part of it is surrounded by medieval walls. Ibiza lives a double life. It is a really lovely Mediterranean city by day and a wild clubbing scene by night. Ibiza can please different desires- you can spend a day discovering the city which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list or you can feel the taste of its beaches. But what really attract tourists to villa rental here are its bus lines that connect the town with 56 beaches on the island. The biggest one, Playa del Bossa is the centre of modern hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and night clubs.

If you prefer a bit more peaceful place to rest, you should consider Talamanca. There are fewer bars and shops but you are just a 15 minutes walk away from centre of Ibiza. This way you have the perfect mixture of relaxation and fun. Let us not forget Playa San Antonio. It used to be a fishing village. Now it is the most known and the most significant summer resort on the island where a party does not stop till early morning hours.

Although Ibiza has a lot to offer to families and older tourists, (tourism oriented to families is being promoted as well by the Spanish Tourist Office and island’s authorities) the younger ones are mostly attracted to its party life which lasts all day long. But, apart from the beaches, there is a rich heritage of Mediterranean culture to be discovered.

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