Summer Blais

We were not born to be perfect, We were born to be real

Something i did yesterday

Yesterday was my little brother birthday. So my family and I went to the mall and bought him a build a bear. He also got legos.
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Something i do well..

I think I'm kinda good at cross country. I am 5th in the county for cross country. I am a hard worker and i try to work at my hardest. I have to practice everyday.
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Something about my childhood

I have been doing gymnastics since i was 3 and i still am doing it. Gymnastics was hard for me growing up because my mom always pushed me.

Something i learned last week..

I learned about how my mom and dad met. They both were bowlers and they were both on a tournament team.
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Something i love to watch or listen to.

I go to a lot of collage track meets and go to cross country meets. I listen to a lot of different kind of music
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Something i dislike.

I hate when my dad asks me to do the dishes. I think it is so nasty touching peoples nasty disses.
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