Room 216 News

It's almost BREAK time!

The Quarter is winding down

I just wanted to touch base with all families before we take a much deserved break. The students have been doing wonderfully in school. The class community is a very supportive of each other and I see smiles every day. The toil of learning is burdensome, however, so I hope you all have great plans for family time next week.

There are a few items we will be completing in the next couple of days including individual reading, fluency, and writing assessments. The only necessary preparation for this is ensuring your child is well rested and nourished, so pat yourself on the back for a job well done already.

Since there are interruptions to our schedule, and many families have indicated students will not be in attendance on Friday, we have suspended the weekly word study routine until after break.

Content Alerts!

I am sure you all know because each child's planner has been checked multiple times, but just in case you missed it, instrument projects are due tomorrow. Mrs. Crickenberger has been enjoying teaching the class all about sound and light. Ask your child about ROYGBIV. Their wonderful artistic renditions of the spectrum are on display in the hallway. This is the last round of science for the class prior to SOL review coming in mid-April.

After break they will return to Virginia Studies. We will be finishing up Virginia Studies 10--Virginia's government, products, and industries. This will be followed by a recap of the regions and surrounding states/geographical areas.

Language Arts Learning

In Language Arts we are continuing to study Greek and Latin roots. The students are enjoying breaking down words and seeing where each part originates from and learning about its meaning. This week we also began doing a reading practice called "Inference Jones". The students read a passage on their own, answer questions, and use their test taking skills to make great inferences and find proof for their answers. We check these together in class and the grade is used as part of their reading grade.

Upcoming Dates

April 3rd: Make up snow day-End of 3rd nine weeks/End of Science Unit

April 6th-April 10th: SPRING BREAK!

April 13th: First Day of 4th nine weeks

April 15th: 5th Grade Visit to Henley at 9:45am

April 20th: Spring BEE Classes begin/Book Fair begins

April 21st: Healthy Snack Day

April 27th: Report Cards go home

Hello to Miss Vest

As your students have undoubtedly shared with you, we have been blessed with another student teacher. She is currently working with the class during homeroom and Language Arts times. After break she will be teaching the Social Studies block as well under my supervision. Please continue to direct any concerns to me. Miss Vest is completing her Master's at James Madison University. She joined us after an eight week placement in Kindergarten at Baker-Butler Elementary School. Please stop by to meet her whenever you are in the building.