Should ON Increase Minimum Wage?

In Jan 30, Ontario increased minimun wage to $11 per hour.

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How much was the minimum wage before adjustment?

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Anti-poverty activists and unions have been demanding an immediate increase to a $14-an-hour minimum wage, but the government has said that would hurt businesses and end up reducing jobs.

What kind of business will influenced by increase minimum wage?

-The Progressive Conservatives warned the $11 minimum wage amounted to a seven per cent increase in business costs, and predicted it would result in reduced hours for workers or even job losses.

What will happen when goverment increase minimum wage?

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-Goverment is relying on consumer spending to drive the economic growth in the coming years. Raising the minimum wage will increase the purchasing power of peopple who are more likely to spend money in their local communities.

-Rasing the minimum wage can boost productivity. Higher wages in creased worker well being.

Minimum wage 'not enough to live on'

The minimum wage at $11 is 16 per cent still below the poverty line. Going up with the cost of living every year is an important step forward, but a minimum wage that's below the poverty line still puts workers behind.